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API is an acronym for the American Petroleum Institute. Founded in 1919, API is the first national business association in the United States and one of the earliest and most successful standard-setting chambers of commerce worldwide.

The organization is based on the characteristics of the industry and the needs of the industry itself. In 1924, the API specification was formulated to provide technical guidance for the production of related products in the oil industry. Due to the API specification developed by the API organization with its advanced nature, versatility, safety and the continuous expansion of the influence of the American petroleum industry in the world, the API specification has been widely adopted by countries around the world. Therefore, the API organization was originally an academic organization in the United States oil industry, and now it has evolved into an authoritative academic organization in the oil industry across national borders.

In today's world trade market, due to the internationalization of the procurement of petroleum equipment, it has triggered the internationalization of quality assurance and product responsibility. From the perspective of quality assurance, the purchaser (customer) generally requires petroleum equipment manufacturers to manufacture in accordance with API specifications and provide products marked with API. On the other hand, manufacturers generally accept and use API specifications from the perspective of quality management and meeting customer requirements.  International buyers (customers) have full trust in API logo products, and Chinese suppliers can be more competitive on price, so the space to order Chinese-made oil equipment will become more and more large. It can be seen that as a petroleum equipment manufacturer, the earlier the API certification is obtained, the more business opportunities, interests and benefits will be brought to the enterprise, the API logo license is obtained, the intrinsic significance of petroleum equipment manufacturers is:

1. It is beneficial for production enterprises to improve technology and quality level

The technical specifications for 54 types of petroleum equipment published by the API organization clearly specify the materials, specifications and models, testing, marking, quality control, storage and shipping used in various products. These specifications fully reflect their rationality, advanced nature and requirements for product safety. As long as the production enterprise prepares and maintains the relevant technical drawings and process documents in accordance with the relevant specifications, and strictly implements the requirements of the standard in the whole process of production, it can ensure that the products produced by the manufacturer have the international advanced level. International buyers have such requirements for manufacturers, and domestic customers have such requirements for manufacturers, and they are also increasing. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that manufacturers vigorously promote and strictly implement the technical specifications for petroleum equipment issued by the API organization to produce their petroleum equipment, which is not only conducive to the production of enterprises to improve the level of technology and quality, but also to win both domestic and foreign markets.

⒉ It is beneficial for the production enterprises to improve the level of quality management

API Spec Q1 (8th edition), the quality outline specification released by API Organization, sets forth the requirements for comprehensive control of various technologies, management and personnel quality in the whole process of product quality formation from the perspective of system. Manufacturers of petroleum production equipment establish and maintain quality assurance manuals, procedure documents and detailed operation documents, so that all quality activities can be carried out in an orderly manner, so that all employees of the production enterprise can follow rules and laws; The establishment and maintenance of quality records can make the quality management system of the enterprise and the quality activities that are consistent with the requirements of the system, can ensure that the enterprise can produce products that meet the requirements of customers in a long-term and stable manner, and ensure that the quality management level of the enterprise is continuously improved in the process of action, and is constantly improved and perfected.

It is conducive to the production enterprise to improve the competitiveness of the product

The improvement of product quality depends not only on the production technology capability of the enterprise, but also on the quality management level of the enterprise. In China, the transition from a planned economy to a market economy has not only brought in investment capital; At the same time, it also introduced internationally recognized norms and standards. The truth of quality has become the consensus of ordinary consumers, and customers who pay more attention to quality are respected by famous brands. Customers distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of product quality to see whether an enterprise has passed the quality system certification of the authority; More attention is paid to whether an enterprise has obtained the certification of its products. The relevant enterprises in the petroleum equipment industry have obtained the use license of the API logo, which is to obtain the product certification of the petroleum equipment produced. Only in this way, the oil equipment produced by the enterprise can be marked with the API logo, can obtain the actual "international pass", can open the product sales in the international market, can win customers, improve the reputation of the enterprise, and get more business opportunities in the fierce market competition.

4. Advisory Services

Like ISO 9001 certification, API certification is also a systematic engineering for enterprises to establish a quality assurance system, in addition, API has its professional and product certification of petroleum equipment, as manufacturers want to comply with the requirements of API Spec Q1 (eighth edition). It is essential to quickly set up your own quality assurance system and prepare technical documentation in accordance with API related product specifications, with the assistance of an experienced and professional consulting body. Through the services provided by consulting agencies, enterprises can not take or take less unnecessary detours in the process of obtaining evidence. \

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management system certification. In addition to the API outline specification as a quality system certification standard, according to the different products produced by the enterprises applying for certification in the industry, the API organization has also formulated and issued technical specifications for 54 kinds of petroleum equipment products, as a technical standard for product certification, and API Spec Q1.

API logo is the institute of American Petroleum Institute product mark, started in 1924, the purpose is to identify the production of equipment, materials, and can meet the API quality system and product standards of the production enterprise. This sign is registered in the United States and may not be used by anyone without permission. API forensics is through an application, inspection, confirmation process, API to product technicians in line with API product specifications, quality assurance system (ISO9000) in line with API quality outline specifications of the manufacturer granted a certificate, allowing manufacturers to use API logo on their products. The essence of API forensics is the authorization of trademark transfer.

(1) Only API certified manufacturers are granted

(2) Not a guarantee for the manufacturer

(3) Not an endorsement of the design

⑷ It is not a guarantee for the product

(5) The manufacturer guarantees that each of the confirmed products complies with the API specification at the time of manufacture

(6) API acknowledges that the manufacturer has been trusted by API in complying with the established API standards

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