Overview:Benoston manufactures a variety of slip casing hangers, including C-21 casing hangers, C-22 casing hangers and C-29 casing hangers
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  • Product Features
  • C-21 Casing Hanger
    Slips, slip bowl and a type H pack off seal ring are all combined in the C-21. The Type “H” pack off provides a positive annulus pack off after the casing has been suspended and cut off.

    TYPE C-21, C-22 AND C-29 CASING HANGERS(图1)

    C-22 Casing Hanger
    Combined in a single unit, the C-22 wrap around Casing Hanger incorporates pack off, slip bowl and slips. when the casing load is suspended, the pack off automatically seals the casing annulus below the slips. The C-22 Hanger’s controlled friction reduces casing deflection, can be easily installed and is economical.

    TYPE C-21, C-22 AND C-29 CASING HANGERS(图2)

    C-29 Casing Hanger
    The C-29 Casing Hanger provides high hanging capacity with minimum casing deflection. When the upper slips move down and energize the pack off, the C-29’s non-tapered lower slips engage automatically and apply controlled compression. The lower slips do not move down the pipe, thus they do not create the high compressive forces, as do conventional tapered slips. The C-29 offers far less casing deflection and much greater hanging capacity than other conventional hangers.

    TYPE C-21, C-22 AND C-29 CASING HANGERS(图3)

  • Size: 9" ~ 20-3/4"

    Working Medium:Oil、Gas、Mud、Gas containing H2S and CO2

    Working Temperature: -46℃~121℃

    Working Pressure: 2000 ~ 5000psi 

    Material Level: AA/DD, BB/EE, CC/FF,HH

    PR: 1 ~ 2 

    PSL: 1 ~ 3 



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